Genoa Pharmacy Services

Hidalgo Medical Services (HMS) provides comprehensive, retail pharmacy services for our patients and clients through Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company.

Genoa is able to fulfill all prescription medication needs of HMS consumers at a convenient, on-site pharmacy while ensuring that each HMS patient or client is provided with the best possible pharmacy and customer service.

Although Genoa is a nationwide company, they have retained the feel of the hometown pharmacy and the services that go along with it. Being on-site allows their pharmacists and technicians to work closely with HMS prescribers, nurses, and caseworkers, to provide the best possible care for each individual HMS consumer.

HMS consumers benefit from the interaction they have with the pharmacist; HMS eliminates inefficiencies by directing pharmacy functions back into the pharmacy and HMS has more control over how medications are handled.

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As a Consumer of Hidalgo Medical Services, HMS-Genoa Pharmacy Services Can Help To:

  • Fill all of your medication prescriptions
  • Provide a convenient on-site pharmacy location that saves you additional time in your busy day
  • Assist with your questions, including those relating to insurance, Medicaid, and/or Medicare coverage
  • Provide you with convenient medication delivery options
  • Dispense your medications in our "Convenient Adherence Packaging" so your medication instructions are easier to understand and follow
  • Personalize our pharmacy service to fit your needs
  • Regularly send you convenient prescription refill reminders

HMS Silver City Community Health Center
Pharmacy Services Hours

Monday through Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm

Genoa Pharmacy Services
1007 N. Pope Street - HMS Community Health Center
Silver City, NM 88061
Phone: (575) 342-8900
Fax: (575) 519-3008

HMS Lordsburg Clinic
Pharmacy Services Hours (beginning Monday, 8/14/17)

Monday through Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Closed for Lunch: 12:00pm - 12:30pm

Genoa Pharmacy Services
530 DeMoss Street - HMS Lordsburg Clinic
Lordsburg, NM 88045
Phone: (575) 424-2240
Fax: (575) 424-2241